Gorrim Talin

Master Jedi Gorrim Talin one of the few padawans who survived the night of Order 66 and the subsequent years of jedi hunting durring the Empire's rule.


Gorrim Talfas is a human

  • born on coruscant
  • has a fondness for prosthesis
  • lived half of his life on the run from the Empire

When Order 66 came down Gorrim was but a child under the Jedi Knight Hulat Renow. They were successful in escaping coruscant and hiding out on Terminus. Hulat continued his training of Gorrim until coming across an Imperial Agent at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Hulat died, but Gorrim was successful at defeating the Imperial Agent. After the news of the fall of the emperor Gorrim decided to return to Coruscant. There he worked in hospitals and prosthesis shops till he was found by Luke Skywalker who offered him a position at the Jedi Temple. Gorrim accepted and after a few years with Skywalker they became good friends. Gorrim was appointed Luke’s right hand man in the temple.

Gorrim Talin

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